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The Church and Religious Persecution,  Kevin R. den Dulk, Robert J. Joustra, Calvin Shorts, Calvin College PressThe Church and Religious Persecution (2015)

Kevin R. den Dulk and Robert J. Joustra

Religious persecution is on the rise. Daily news stories and social science research chronicle the suffering of Christians and those of other faiths at the hands of both governments and private citizens. Yet, with few exceptions,the North American church has been largely absent from serious action that addresses this global problem. The Church and Religious Persecution examines the nature and scope of religious persecution worldwide, explores the response of the church, and proposes steps church leaders and members can take to stand up for religious freedom and build a faith-based movement against persecution.

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Emerging Adulthood and Faith, Jonathan P Hill, Calvin College Press, Calvin ShortsEmerging Adulthood and Faith (2015)

Jonathan P. Hill

Is the church losing the next generation of young people? Do their experiences in college cause them to treat the faith of their childhood with skepticism or contempt? Does modern science undermine their ability to trust the Bible? In this book, Jonathan Hill takes a close look at these questions using the best social scientific data available. Much of what he finds challenges the received wisdom of evangelical authors and pollsters. Providing an interpretation of the data that takes into account the broader cultural and historical context, the conclusions he draws tell us that the answers to these questions are complex and often counterintuitive.

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December 2015

There and Back: Living and Learning Abroad

by Donald G. DeGraaf

January 2016

Worship in the Joy of the Lord: Selections from Chip Stam's Worship Quote of the Week

edited by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and John D. Witvliet